Couldn't find the FAQ or the link for submissions, but I've got a problem to submit since it says they're open. "When someone tells you that your work isn't good enough because it isn't digital art"

We’ve been getting TONS of people mis-submitting things and/or not being able to find links.

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What's your opinions on using references for your drawings? A lot of people say using references isn't being original, and you're ripping off the original artist, or that you don't have enough talent to draw it straight from memory. Sometimes I need to look at pictures to be able to draw something, or I want ideas. I just wanted to know what you guys thought? (Or what you think since only one admin is answering this ^^). Thanks!

I actually have never heard from any credible source that artists should only do things from imagination (although this doesn’t mean you can’t work this way). This is highly impractical and unrealistic. Although it depends on what you mean by “using references,” because there’s a difference between referencing and “copying.”

My opinion is better expressed in this ConceptArt thread. Here’s an excerpt from the original post:

Is it ok to use other people’s photos as reference?

It depends. Just like you own the copyright to your art, a photographer owns the copyright to his or her photos.

If you copy all or most of someone else’s photo without permission, this could be a copyright violation. There is no rule that says “if you change it X%, then it’s ok.” In U.S. courts, the test is if a reasonable observer could look at the original and the copy side-by-side and tell that it is a copy. It is ok to copy someone else’s photo as much as you want if it is only for your personal study. It is considered a courtesy to acknowledge your source if you then show that work to anyone.

Here are some examples of ways artists can use others’ photos as reference:
Using individual, generic parts of a photo. Ex. A tree, hills, clouds.
Using individual, specific parts of a photo. Ex. The Empire State Building, a Jeep. 
For historical research. Ex. Looking at pictures of WWII uniforms to get the design accurate.
Gathering multiple photos of a subject without using a specific one. Ex. Looking at many photos of lions to see how they are built and how they move.
Using multiple photos for general inspiration. Ex. Gathering photos of different kinds of machinery in order to get inspiration for your own machine design.”

I recommend checking out the link for the whole thing. I hope I answered your question :)


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A suggestion

When you can not upload your picture to the draw drills, or if you want the picture to show up in an art tag of yours, upload the picture separately from the drill, tag it with “Draw Drill” and other tags if you want. 

If you do this, it would be great if you linked to the specific drill as well.

On the plus side, others, including us here at artist-problems, can look through the amazing art you guys create, and possibly even get ideas for the drills! :D

Plus, I like seeing people actually doing the challenges (◡‿◡✿)


Hi! I just found your blog, and I was wondering how the "Draw Drills" work. I looked in the FAQ, but didn't see anything (maybe I missed it?)

Basically you reblog the Draw Drill post with your drawing added in the captions. You can add your drawing into the captions by either clicking this

and putting in the URL of the image that you uploaded somewhere on the internet, or installing/enabling Missing E’s function to allow you to ”+ Upload Photo” in all post types.

I hope that answers your question! :D Welcome to the blog!

kittenmogu (miserylolita)

Why does everyone here have so many problems with deviantART? I've used it for almost two years now and I've never had a problem with it. There's the occasional troll every once in a while, but nothing major. Trolls and haters are to be expected in any sort of environment like that, whether it's dA, Twitter, Youtube, etc. If they're like 10 years old, I would not recommend someone use dA. If you're going to post your artwork anywhere online, you have to be prepared to face any consequences.

I explained it a long time ago, on this message.

While DA is an enjoyable place for some, not everyone finds it a comfortable site to post art. You’re right there are consequences, but DA seems to be the top art-sharing site that has numerous issues. 


Wait... You guys don't take music or writing submissions? Music and writing are just as much art as anything else. I don't know why, but I actually find that super offensive.

Yachumi and I definitely agree. Music and writing are definitely forms of art.

However, the reason we don’t accept writing or music submissions is because it would be more fitting for submissions pertaining to those areas to be submitted to musicproblems or writingproblems (the latter of which appears to be inactive, but unfortunately, we have no control or business over this. You are also totally free to start your own writing problems blog, and spend your own energy running it).

Our focus is the visual arts. We never stated anywhere that we do not consider music or writing to be forms of art.

Edit: fixed link to musicproblems.


Sorry for the text posts

but there’s something that needs to be made clear:

We do not take music or writing submission.

We don’t mind if you reblog problems and add commentary that are music or writing related, but please do not submit music or writing problems to us.


We do not

take submissions via fanmail, so please be aware that your submission will be deleted if you send it to us through fanmail.

Also, please watch your language. We’ve deleted several submissions with language in it. Keep things PG guys.

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Heads up for you guys

We have decided that we will not do any promotions for individuals or blogs unless they fall under:

  • Tutorial blog (i.e youngartist-city)
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  • Artist-centered advice
  • Urgent need (i.e your art school burned down so they need donations)
  • Admin’s “top picks”

We hate to turn everyone away when they ask for promotions, but this makes it fair to all the followers we have :)

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Submissions do not go in our ask, they go in the submit. Please remember this when submitting.

If you want to remain anon, just tell us and we will not tell a soul.

Thank you!


This extension is really useful for sourcing artwork. ↗


sauceNAO used to take me ten seconds

now it literally takes 2 seconds

If you use google chrome as a browser and want to speed up finding sources for artwork, I definitely, definitely recommend this.

Here’s the link

Here’s the Firefox version

Please try to give proper credit to the original artists whenever you can. As artists yourselves, you guys should understand how important this is.

Thank you.


If anyone is looking for advice about art

Please visit my other blog that I created called  artist-advice.

They have three wonderful admin who can help you with questions, and they can give you a piece of advice. :)

Thank you very much! :D