If you know of any blogs that do critiques/red lines, or if you yourself are willing to, reply to this with a link, url, or yourself.

If you want critiques please read the notes for the answers :)



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  1. marchingstitch answered: I’m willing. I graduated with an art degree (I did studio & digital), and creative writing minor, so I’ll read something for you too.
  2. dululule answered: I myself am willing to! :)…
  3. oheybigzam answered: I’m totally willing to do critiques with constructive criticisms. I don’t really have a blog for it, but I’m a college art major junior.
  4. thatonecripplekid answered: is open if need be (but probs as a final resort lol)
  5. frost-butt answered: I’m open to critique any one, anytime. I’m also an animation major so y’all can ask me questions about that too.
  6. ronyoblind answered: She does critiques on friday streams and she is always willing to answer questions. :) A JOY to be her follwer
  7. kuri-lin answered:
  8. ahemidemisemiquaver answered: Ah, DarlingMionette on deviantart does redlines fairly frequently, although it can be a challenge to get a spot.
  9. vriskastentacle answered: I’ll do critiques
  10. sulamoon answered: Try Refuelstation @ tumblr :) And you can try really good forum like ou CGhub forums?
  11. melonshock answered: Ahaha I just sent an ask saying this but I’m open for either ;D
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